Waiting for Godot

November 18, 2014 abbbooks 0

“What are we doing?” “We’re waiting for Godot.” “Why?” “I don’t know.” A lot of weird communication and characters later… “What are we doing?” “We’re […]


May 9, 2014 abbbooks 0

“Ah—ah—ah—ow—ow—ow—oo! Aiwanna tawk propa English.” “It’s a bet! I can do that within eight months! (But you will be my slave while I teach you.)” […]


December 16, 2013 abbbooks 0

“I hope I’m not going to end up as mad as my dad.” (about Proof) and/or watch the play on youtube.

Twelve Angry Men

December 2, 2013 abbbooks 0

“He’s guilty.” (x11) “No, he’s not.” (x1) “Convince us then.” “Okay.” (A very long and hot while later…) “He’s not guilty.” (x12) (the official text […]