The Tiny Wife

December 23, 2013 abbbooks 0

“I think I’m shrinking.” “Can I do something to prevent it?” “I don’t know.” (about The Tiny Wife)

The Quiet American

December 16, 2013 abbbooks 0

“I have to take sides.” (He does.) “Now I have to live with my decision.” (It’s hard.) (about The Quiet American)

The Catcher in the Rye

December 16, 2013 abbbooks 0

“People are hypocritical phonies and I feel alienated. I love whining about that because I’m sixteen.” (about The Catcher in the Rye)

The First Wives Club

December 16, 2013 abbbooks 0

“Our husbands left us, the bastards.” “Let’s retaliate and give them hell.” (They did.) (about The First Wives Club)

Jeeves series

December 16, 2013 abbbooks 0

“A friend of mine is in trouble.” “I have a plan.” (The plan turns bad.) “I have a second plan.” “You saved the day.” (about […]

Death and the Penguin

December 9, 2013 abbbooks 0

“I write obituaries.” (A penguin walks through the house.) “Turns out I write obituaries for the mafia.” (A penguin looks at refrigerator.) “I’m in big […]